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A quick letter to express how happy we are with the kitchen remodel that New Life played a major part with. Like most customers we were somewhat dubious about starting the demolition stage of the contract. Worried about opening the
house to others, unexpected damage, dust and schedule interrupts. However the whole project went as planned and
without any dispute.

All in all, our experience with New Life crews has been very positive. Each time we have called with a question or concern,
Don was available at your office to answer or find out the answer. It has been a very pleasant working arrangement and
we are glad we made the decision to contract with New life. Thank you and your crew again for a professional service.

Marilyn and Don W.


We are writing this letter to express our pleasure and complete satisfaction with the installation of our new kitchen cabinets
by your installer, Enrique.  It was evident from the beginning that Enrique is a professional and well-experienced installer.  Enrique did an Excellent Job on our project and we would highly recommend him to anyone. Having worked in the
construction business for 30 years, I am well aware of what a quality installation job looks like and is performed.

Mike & Nancy B.


We are writing to express our complete satisfaction with all aspects of our recent kitchen remodel.  Shawn guided us through the ordering process with suggestions, patience, knowledge and a nice blend of listening and suggesting.

We especially appreciated the coordination with New Life Construction.  Russ visited us onsite several times to explain the details of modifying the different aspects such as electrical and cabinet installation.  He was a good listener but he also suggested several creative elements that enhanced and the projects.  Enrique, our cabinet installer is a master craftsmen par excellence.  He was so creative in solving problems.  His attention to detail and his interaction with us when options were available were professional in all aspects.  Norm and Patrick who demolished the old kitchen were also very professional and clean.  Last but not least, Justin the supervisor was so responsive to any and all of our concerns.  No matter the problem, no detail was too small.  He was always there to take care of the matter.

Being retired, we remember earlier times when service was better and craftsmanship was superior to today's norms.  How nice it was to experience the project that in all aspects met those standards from the past and exceeded our expectations.

David & Joan M.


We wanted to write and commend you on many of your employees.  

Norm did so many different jobs at our site and was a professional on each and every assignment. He was so courteous and friendly - answering any and all questions and made us feel like our needs and concerns were really important to him.  His work ethic was so very admirable and we trusted his recommendations on any question we had.  His sense of humor and patience with us always eased our stress about anything we had concerns over during the job.  I would highly recommend him for his professionalism, construction knowledge, many skills and caring for the homeowners.  I would feel honored to call him a friend and I would trust him with any job in my home in the future.

Tony was a delightful and energetic person and was always professional and courteous.  His sense of humor delighted us and relieved a lot of our stress, and his caring about us as people was very important to us.

I couldn't be more adamant about Enrique's skills and professionalism.

Earl was here only a couple of times, but he also was very professional and very quiet with a dry sense of humor - making us feel very at ease with him.

Jesse, the installer of the appliances was very professional and a hard worker and was amazingly strong.

Each employee cleaned up after themselves extremely well and they are all to be commended for their work ethic.

Gary and Ruth F.

I am writing to thank you for a job well done on our recent kitchen remodel.  New life construction has brought our dream to reality.
Russ started the process meeting with us and working with our designer at Home Depot.  He thoroughly explained the process and detailed costs.  We appreciate not being surprised by additional costs mid-project.
As project manager, Jody facilitated the process by communicating with us every step of the way.  We appreciated meeting prior to demolition to clarify details and getting the detailed work schedule before work started.  In addition, Jody has responded to all contact promptly, answering questions and troubleshooting effectively.
Every tradesman arrived as scheduled, was pleasant, and respectful of our home.  They each answered our questions and shared their expertise when asked.  The quality of all work has been exceptional.  We appreciate their professionalism.  In addition, each tradesman took the time to organize materials and supplies and clean up the work space each day.
It has been a pleasure working with New Life Construction.  We will not hesitate to recommend New Life Construction to our friends.  We look forward to enjoying our new kitchen for many years to come.

Judy G.


Our remodel began on July 14 when Norm and Colton first came to the door.  I can't say enough about how wonderful Norm and his crew were during these times.  He was friendly, understanding, knowledgeable, professional and compassionate as I was living through this process.  He'd return as each room was ready for demolition and it was a delight to see him. Norm and Co. made super customer impressions.

Over the next six months your employees became "my guys" and as each came through to work for their particular area of expertise/magic it was a pleasure getting to know them.  Personally I never wanted to remodel the home, but fortunately I felt comfortable with each of them and they were very respectful of me.  As you know this process is very intrusive and your employees have a good understanding of this.  I'm sure it wasn't easy for them always having me around as the onsite manager.

Another major player for us was Glenn.  Initially he literally lived with us for at least a week doing all the cabinetry in our kitchen.  It was the most consistent period of construction we had (which I loved) and he was a great addition to the family.  Our running  joke was he should have had a cot in the garage.  Our kitchen is a work of art, we love it.  Glenn also came back to do the cabinets in the our two bathrooms.  His knowledge, initiative and the time he took in educating me was greatly appreciated.  Periodically Glenn would come by and lend his support by helping others with remaining details too.  He was my gentle giant.

Tony is one of your best new life ambassadors.  Not only are his knowledge, expertise and willingness to do what is needed wonderful, but his charisma and personal presence are delightful to have around.  He had many terrific suggestions that we used, he educated me on specific aspects of painting and I felt totally confident that he would take good care of us also.  Tony taught me how to eat figs directly off our tree...  He is my kindred spirit.

Jason and Juan did our tile projects.  Juan especially did a wonderful job with creation and layout.  His knowledge, experience and input were invaluable.  His quiet manner was wonderful, but his confidence and patients in achieving what we just had trouble explaining it was priceless.  Please let him know how much his work is appreciated!

Your framers, plumbers, electricians, Ralph, Pat, Pat Jr., Juan, Julio, James, Dave, Jesse,...EVERYONE...  that worked on our home must be acknowledged for their contribution.  As much as I'm glad it's over sometimes it's a little too quiet around here and I miss "my guys".


On January 21, your company's staff undertook another project in our home to completely renovate our three bathrooms.  Your staff had renovated our kitchen over a year ago and we were pleased with the outcome at that time.
Again I would like to compliment you and your staff for carrying out another project for which we are extremely pleased.  I would particularly like to compliment certain members of your staff are going above and beyond expectations.

First of all Pat Sr., Project Superintendent, was especially accessible and always willing to accommodate many of the unexpected encounters.  Norm was very polite and accommodating in his demolition of all three bathrooms.  Subcontractors, the electrician and the drywall individuals were punctual and efficient in their respective endeavors.  Painters, Tony and Jose were especially accommodating in our small but significant requests for touch-ups and details, including some installations.  Ralph was, again, very polite and efficient in his installations of plumbing and bathroom fixtures.

Perhaps the most outstanding employee because of his work ethic and workmanship was again, Jim.  We watched him work while installing our kitchen cabinets and were again impressed with his effectiveness with installation of our bathroom cabinets.

You and your company must be proud of your ability to satisfy your customers to the extent that we were pleased with our outcome.  We learned that Jody, former superintendent for our first project, was promoted and would be operating from a different level within your organization, but we were equally pleased with this group of men and their supervisor.

Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert M.


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