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Our Process
Construction, Remodel, Room Additions

1. Contact our office so we can discuss your project and set up an appointment that fits your schedule

2.  A Project Consultant will meet with you at your home to introduce our company to you, discuss your needs, and get a  firsthand look at how the home will adapt to the new project.

3. Depending on the scope and complexity of the remodel project, your Consultant will present various design options, or present a Design Agreement. The Design Agreement allows us to have our Designer spend the necessary time to create the best solution that fits your wish list, budget, and building code requirements.

4. Once you are happy with the final design solution, your Consultant will prepare the Construction Agreement along with the building specifications detailing the various building materials we will be using on your project including window, doors, cabinets, countertops, etc.

5. Construction Drawings are prepared for City approval and for you to review and approve. Besides making sure the addition in structurally sound, we will also accurately locate light switches, cable TV, door swings, etc. All the details that make the room just right!

6. After the city approves your drawings your Project Consultant brings your Construction Superintendent to your home to introduce him to you and review the project on site. This is not the last you will see of your Project Consultant. He will stay involved in your project until it is completed. This ensures you greater peace of mind knowing the person you trusted to sign a contract with will be accountable throughout your projec

7. Your Construction Superintendent will provide you with a schedule of events to allow you to know what is happening next. We do this so that you can plan your life without feeling trapped in your home, not knowing what will happen next. Unlike many companies we want you to be as informed as possible. The more you know the better you will feel throughout your project

8. We start construction by first asking you to remove any personal items including artwork located on walls so that they remain undamaged during work. We will lay down protective coverings on flooring and put up a plastic barrier to keep dust to a minimum. We understand that this is your home and not just a construction site. We typically have a jobsite potty delivered so that our workers do not use your private facilities.

9. Throughout construction you will find all of our workers professional and friendly. Each takes pride in their work and has established themselves as being one of the best in their particular field. That's why they work for us

10. The construction superintendent will work to keep your job moving on a timely basis. Some days may be lost due to weather or building inspections, but we do our utmost to keep your job on schedule to meet the projected completion date.

11. Upon each payment you make, we will provide you a progressive lien release ensuring your peace of mind that no workmen or supplier will place a lien on your home.

12. Throughout your project, if you have any questions or concerns you will have access to the following New Life Construction personnel.   

13. Upon completion of your project you will receive your approved signed permit card to keep for your records along with your completion certificate, which indicates your warranty period.

 14. As you enjoy your new remodeled rooms by New Life Construction, if you have the need for service or warranty work, we are here to help. At your request, our service technician will set up an appointment to meet with you and inspect the work. Being in business for over Twenty years has established our track record of "being there" for our clients. That's why many families have had two or more New Life Construction jobs done! 

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