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Renovation Occasion: New Life Construction Blog
By Marisa Cruz
Date: January 14, 2022

A need for home improvement is still underway despite the current pandemic. As the new year begins, staying at home is still highly encouraged and homeowners are seeking to improve their homes to adjust to their lifestyle habits.

Therefore, in the construction industry, new renovations are being seen to help people find refuge within their homes and make the most of their space.

Here are a few of the top renovations designers are seeing trending for 2022.

  1. Home Office

As people are still encouraged to social distance, people are still working from home the majority of the time. Because businesses are still limiting their employees in-office hours, people are seeking to create a

home office space to make ends meet. People are turning guest rooms or extra spaces into home offices for more functionality, especially if they are required to work remotely.

“We are all becoming more aware of how the layout and aesthetics of a room can affect our energy and productivity. Transforming a current room into your new home office space is not just a fun project, but a necessity for many people who work remotely. When trying to boost the functionality of a home, this room may be at the forefront. People will spend more time and effort designing a unique working space to maximize their concentration, motivation, and productivity this year.” —Farris Wu, founder and CEO at DecorMatters

  1. Outdoor Spaces

Since we are spending more time at home the desire to be outdoors has increased. Designers are seeing that people are seeking to bring the indoors out. People are seeking to find new ways to spend time outdoors while at home.

“Homeowners are also investing in outdoor rooms. Pools, water features, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and extensive seating and dining areas are high on wish lists. Materials are more organic and natural, such as ipe and travertine. Outdoor kitchens will feature commercial-style grills, refrigerators, and wine coolers. Indoor rooms opening up to terraces with a series of French doors or doors that fold back is another way to connect with the outside.” —Jean Brownhill, founder of Sweeten

  1. Textures

People are getting more creative and bold with their homes. Homeowners are turning their home into creative spaces, using different textures throughout their homes to help accomplish the looks they desire.

“Texture is the biggest trend I see for 2022. Say goodbye to flat finish drywall and say hello to a surface you want to run your hands over or engage with in a tactile way.”—David Steckel, Thumbtack home expert

  1. Bringing Nature In

Just as people are trying to bring the indoors out they are also trying to bring the outdoors in. A demand for more windows and doors has increased since the pandemic has forced people to spend more time at home. Designers are calling it “indoor/outdoor living” as it potentially opens up your indoor spaces. “Homeowners have been requesting more natural light in their homes through bigger window and door openings for years, and that’s a trend clearly continuing into 2022. People are increasing the natural light in their homes and creating a more direct connection with nature by adding doors where there were once windows, or adding larger windows for a greater sense of connection to outside. We’ve noticed homeowners embarking on remodeling work to replace more traditional patio doors with large scenic versions to create a connection between interior and exterior spaces for more seamless transitions and a sense of freedom.” —Christine Marvin, chief marketing and experience officer at Marvin

  1. Wellness Designs and Sustainability

Homeowners are searching to add wellness features into their homes that are essential to their lifestyle. Such as, meditation rooms, steam rooms, jacuzzi tubs, fitness rooms, smart appliances and more.

“Flexible spaces, outdoor living and smart features all align with today’s homeowner’s wellness goals. The home improvement market will be heavily influenced by consumer preferences in line with a wellness-focused environment.”—Geraldine Orentas Samantha Allen, Contributor Editor at Forbes

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