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What to Expect During a Remodel

Renovation Occasion: New Life Construction Blog

By Marisa Cruz

Date: February 24, 2022

You’re here because you are ready to remodel! Congratulations, this time can be very exciting, however, there are many things that you should be prepared for. So let’s talk about what to expect during a remodel.

First things first, the noise! During a remodel your quiet home will no longer be quiet or peaceful. Remodels require specific machinery to get the job done and unfortunately they are typically

noisy. So except lots of noise because your quiet humble abode will sound more like a loud construction site rather than a home.

Secondly, you must be prepared for chaos. If

you are like me you like your home to be organized and clean at all moments of the day. Unfortunately, during a remodel organization and cleanliness do not exist. Oftentimes the areas that are being worked on will have items that will need a temporary home during renovation and sometimes there just isn’t a space for everything. Therefore expect a cluttered chaos in your home during construction. But don’t worry once it's all already your items will have a new beautiful spot.

Third, be prepared to go over budget. It is best to have some extra funds set aside just in case you start to fall over your budget. Oftentimes there are circumstances that may lead you to have to go over your budget. Even though you set a budget in the beginning with a contractor it is most likely you will still end up spending more due to complications or changes such as; unexpected repairs, price material increases, things breaking or needing replacing or project delays. You will try to prepare beforehand as much as you can just from looking at the outside surfaces, but once the contractors start working that is when the underlying obstacle comes to light.

Another thing to expect during a remodel is changes. During the process you may see something you don’t like, or some things may be a little off, or even items may not come out as you expected. Don’t stress too much about those things because anything can be changed during a remodel. Change is most likely going to happen and it could delay the process. Therefore, expect the possibility and be prepared for changes.

And lastly, delays. Delays can come from many different things such as permit requirements, change orders, material order delays, weather delays, ects. So be prepared for delays because even though you have a set schedule created with the contractors, it is likely there will be delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

In conclusion, home renovations are fun, exciting, stressful and time consuming. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want and be prepared for the unexpected. The things we mentioned to expect during a remodel are just some of the most common possibilities, but not limited to these things. There are many possibilities that can take place during a remodel, however, being prepared for the unexpected is essential to handling a remodel.

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